Motivational Monday!

It will be the hottest week of summer this week in NJ. Ughhhh. Guess that means I will have to either run in the morning or take my run indoors.

I’m starting Week 3 of Marathon training this week…whoa! I have been on point with workouts and have done each day as I should…hopefully I can keep this up when I go on vacation next week! Going along with this, I thought this was a relevant quote:


I will try to keep rest days when they are scheduled, and not make excuses! Sometimes it gets hard but so far I’m keeping up with it. Only 15 more weeks to go! :-P

Do you schedule rest days, or just go with the flow of life?


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  1. I usually schedule my rest days on Sunday, though I really wish they weren’t necessary. Working out just feels so amazing, most of the time at least.

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