Motivational Monday!

I have recently gotten back on track in terms of eating healthy…and it’s felt great! Here is a quote that goes along with that:

While indulging every once in a while is okay, remember to treat your body well by feeding it whole, nutritious foods! I have felt better and have lost 1 inch off my belly in the past week. I don’t eat 100% clean…that would be impossible for me in the summer! But, I do what I can and am trying to get to my goal weight again.

Do you generally eat healthy? Do you give yourself a cheat day/snack/week/weekend, etc?


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  1. I’m similar to you I’m pretty clean most of the week then I generally eat what I want on weekends. I am trying to do a sugar detox though for 21 days so we’ll see he long it lasts!

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