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Ahhh…the future. I’ve been thinking a lot about my post-graduation plans for the past couple of months, and I’ve made a few decisions that I’m really excited about!

So you all know my future plans in terms of upcoming races…goals…etc. but I wanted to share what I think life has in store for me next. My graduation is May 19 from the Rutgers Graduate School of Education (eek!). I will graduate with a Master’s degree and a focus on College Student Affairs. Before this semester, I figured I’d be job searching and looking for a job at a university. Then I found my passion.

I have become immersed in social media marketing. Through one of my jobs at Rutgers, I took a trip to a media company in NYC over the summer, and have worked as a social media marketing assistant in various departments the past few years. I seriously love what I do. Then, I went to Social Media Week in February with my dad, and that’s where we starting creating this idea. This idea that we should start our own social media marketing business.

At first I was iffy. But this is what I love doing, and visiting places like Likeable Media in NYC solidified that. I want to create my own business. We named our company SOCIALSTORM MEDIA, and so far have a handful of clients that are local businesses! We will help brands and businesses market themselves on social media creatively, and engage with their fanbase in a creative manner.

Because of my limited time to devote to this because of school, I decided to not job search, and instead focus 110% of my efforts on this business over the summer. I will still be working part-time at Rutgers as I try to grow. I’m giving myself until around September, and if things don’t go as I plan, then I will look for a full-time job.

I really think this is what I need to do, and things have been progressing rather quickly so I’m taking it as a sign! I’m really happy with where I am going with this…plus without a full-time job this summer, I’ll be able to do a little traveling :)

Feel free to check out our SOCIALSTORM MEDIA Facebook and Twitter pages, and if you’re interested in social media news and updates please “like” or “follow” me. AND if you’re a small business who needs help with social media marketing, please feel free to contact me!

I’m really excited for what the future holds…and I can’t believe that graduation is in 19 days! My undergrad graduation feels like it just happened yesterday:

Have you ever taken a risk to follow your dream or passion?

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  1. Awesome stuff Patty, congrats!

  2. Wow! I’m so proud of you Patty! It does seem like just yesterday you were graduating undergrad and telling me you didn’t know what you wanted to do…keep up the good work!

  3. Fantastic. I am completing my PhD and want to go to medical school after so I am all for following your dreams!

  4. Omg that’s awesome! I can’t stress enough to follow your passion and take chances or you will be stuck in a job you hate and that sucks! I mean I love my job what are you talking about……………..

  5. Woohoo! You go girl!
    I’m totally taking a leap of faith at the end of the summer when I quit my perfectly good job in search of something I really love and am passionate about. Hope it goes well! Best of luck to you!


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