Tips For Running in Warm Weather

It’s officially spring! If you’re in NJ or around here on the east coast, you may have been getting 80 degree weather the past few days. Crazy, I know! I’d like a little spring time weather before jumping into summer, thank you very much…

Well, the weather reminded me of summer time running and how that is upon us now. After months of training in the cold, and layering up (in 3 degree weather), I am so ready to be running in shorts and a t-shirt! I am ready to sweat! I was reminiscing on last summer’s running during a heat wave…not pretty, but I love it so much more than running in the cold!

I have done runs in close to 100 degree weather before and just love it. As long as I get a nice shower after!

So how do you adjust to running in warmer weather after winter training?


1. Use BodyGlide! If you’re a heavy sweater like me, this will be a lifesaver in warm weather. It comes in a deodorant looking stick, and you apply just like deodorant too. It prevents chafing. You might think you don’t chafe…but once you sweat a lot and are out there for a while, you will chafe. I had to put it on the insides of my arms (by my armpits where your arms swing), around the seams of my sports bra, and around my waistband of my shorts.

2. Hydrate properly: This is obvious. If you will be sweating a lot, then hydrate even more! Carry a water bottle with you on runs, even on short runs, or have someone bike alongside you with water. Use gatorade if you want to replenish electrolytes, or I have recently started using Nuun (which is a sugar free electrolyte tab to put in your water). Also, drink a lot of water when you’re done with your run!

3. Wear wicking clothes: I need to wear wicking tops and shorts no matter what. No cotton, no way. I love Lululemon’s Run Swiftly shirt. I could be drenched in sweat and it still wouldn’t smell! I also love Nike shorts. People say to wear wicking socks too but I honestly don’t own any…should probably invest in some!

4. Be smart: If it’s too hot out, then take your run inside. OR if you’re outside and you are struggling, don’t be ashamed to cut the run short, or just run at a slower pace. Don’t expect to keep your usual paces when it’s hot outside.

5. Make a great playlist: There’s nothing like a good playlist to get me through hot summer runs. They pump me up and make me feel invincible while I’m running and sweating.

6. Run in the AM or PM: …when it’s not at peak heat. I personally love evening summer runs. I’m just not a morning person! If you’re going to run during lunch time, just remember tip #4.

7. Don’t be afraid to sweat! Sure it’s hot out, it’s humid…but sweating makes me feel alive and healthy. Yes, it’s gross and feels gross, but just get out there and (safely) run! Remember to wear sunscreen too!

What are your tips for running in the heat? Do you like winter running or summer running more?

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  1. I actually started running in winter and then took a three week break for family problems… BUT running in Indiana humidity yesterday? Oh dear lawd. I thought I was going to DIE


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