“It Starts With Food” Book Review + Whole30 Update

So as some of you know, last week I said I would start Whole30. I only had information from their website and figured I’d try it out. Well, it was a major fail because I wasn’t fully prepared or invested. I knew I wanted to read the book that goes over Whole30 first. So I decided to buy It Starts With Food (Only 10 bucks on your nook or kindle!).

I love the book. It gets right into the science behind your food choices, and how it affects your body and hormones. There are so many things food can play a role in, such as sleeping issues, skin issues, digestive issues, and more. I highly recommend anyone interested in the science behind food to pick up this book. They give a lot of analogies too so it’s not too “science-y.”

Starting today, I am doing Whole30. The book went over a lot of great stuff that really motivated me. I had a delicious mushroom and egg omelette this morning, and had some tuna, mixed greens, strawberries, and avocado for lunch. I know 30 days will be hard, but as the book says, it’s a reset for your body and your hormones. I can’t wait to see how I feel at the end of the 30 days!

For those of you who told me you have tried Whole30, what are some of your favorite recipes?

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  1. Glad you read the book! I’m still going strong ….. stayed clean all last week (lol I sound like I’m a drug addict). I can’t believe it but I haven’t had chocolate, peanut butter, candy or any sort of sugar, oatmeal, protein shakes….yogurt in two and a half weeks! I feel great and some of my eating habits have changed. Good luck and I look forward to seeing your updates.


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