Whole30 Update

As I mentioned on Monday, I wanted to try the Whole30 challenge, and I’m still kind of doing that.

What do I mean? Well after 3 days I was hungry a lot! So I have modified it a little to allow for snacking. You’re technically not supposed to snack, you’re supposed to eat meals but I am still hungry all the time. Yesterday I had 4 meals before 4 pm and was still hungry! I have no idea why…

So I’m letting myself have small snacks if I am really hungry. I am always on the go during the week so I need to have snacks ready just in case. Such as fruit (bananas, strawberries, apples) and nuts. Also, I will be eating hummus occasionally because before I started this I bought a huge thing of hummus that expires on March 10. So it’s a small rule I am breaking (eating legumes) but I think in the grand scheme of things will that really effect me? I am all about eating whole, clean, nutritious foods. And organic hummus is that! Other than that, I will follow all of the rules (no grains, no other legumes, no dairy).

March 27 will be 30 days…so we’ll see how it goes! It’s been hard this week to stay motivated to not eat certain things (cereal, chocolate) mainly because I’ve been eating not that great for the past few weeks, but I know it will get better.

Has anyone successfully finished Whole30 or a Paleo challenge? How did you feel?

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