Third Time’s A Charm

FINALLY was able to get in my 6 mile run yesterday. After trying on Tuesday and Friday (and failing), I tried one last time on Saturday. I really wanted to get in a 6 miler because my group will be doing 7 miles this Tuesday.

I wasn’t able to complete the runs the 2 times previous because my calves kept burning and getting tight…it felt like lactic acid buildup. I’m not sure why this happened, but I googled it and one of the reasons is possible dehydration? So Friday night I made sure to drink a ton of water before attempting another run on Saturday.

I started off feeling fine but was nervous that once I got further into the run I would start to fade. Surprisingly, I felt great! There were a few hills I was able to climb no problem (thanks to my hill workouts I’ve been doing on the treadmill probably!).

There were 2 times I had to stop for a few seconds to stretch out my calves, but overall it was a good run. I got new Mizuno sneakers too so that helped. Time to ice and do tennis ball rolling up until 7 miles on Tuesday! I can’t believe we have built up to 7 miles again…I don’t think I’ve ran more than 6 since training for the New York City Marathon. Hopefully it goes well!

Here are my splits for my run. I tried to maintain an easy, consistent pace…but wanted to pick it up for the last mile a bit. I like ending a little faster :)

Do you ever have off days, or multiple off days in a row? How do you deal with the frustration?

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  1. Finally! Well done for persisting.

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