Forgot a Change of Clothes!


I HATE when this happens! I have my running class today, and afterwards Dan and I are going to the Rutgers v. Seton Hall basketball game, so I need to shower at the gym. Of course I forgot my gym bag with all the necessities like a towel, shampoo, change of clothes…

Looks like I’m going to Target before my class to buy some stuff!

Today we will be running 5 miles. I’m not sure yet it I will do the 5 miles or stick to 4. It depends on the time (because of the game) and how my shins feel. I want to do the 5 miles but I think timewise it won’t work. I plan on doing the 5 miles later this week no matter what.

I’m really excited because on Friday I will be going to Finish Line PT in New York City to get a functional movement assessment and run on an Alter-G treadmill! I won this through Jess’s blog (FitChickintheCity). Finish Line sent me and my mom giftcards so we’ll be making the trip on Friday. Maybe they can help me solve my shin issues?! One can only hope.

This was a totally random post of random thoughts. I will leave you with a meme because I love memes, it’s the afternoon, and I’m sure we would all like to take a nap right now ;)

What do you do when you forget to pack your gym bag? What’s the worst thing you’ve ever forgotten?

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