I Did It…Winter Running!

Yesterday I needed to get a 3 mile run in. All day I debated on giving outdoor running a try (it was 3 degrees when I got home) or using the treadmill. I hate the treadmill. I just can’t take it anymore. So, I decided to bundle up and run. I just wrote a post on running in the cold, so I took my own advice and went for it.

First, I put on my base layers:

IMG_3500I knew I needed to add more layers on top of this. Here’s what I ended up wearing, piece by piece.

First, I threw on a wicking t-shirt. I wore my Lululemon Run:Swiftly top (I think that’s what it’s called).


On top of that I wore Nike’s “Hyperwarm” compression long sleeve top, along with their Hyperwarm pants. They are actually very warm and cozy.

picstitchI didn’t want my toes to go numb (which has happened to me once) so I put on normal socks, then thermal socks over them. They do make special thermal running socks, which I should probably invest in.

IMG_3505I don’t have a windbreaker that’s warm, or windbreaker pants to go over my spandex, so I had to get crafty. Same with those neck things that cover your nose and mouth. So what I did was throw on a fleece jacket and sweatpants over my base layers, and took a thick North Face fleece headband I have and used it to cover my mouth. It worked pretty well! The jacket and sweatpants kept me really warm too. I also had on a hat and mittens. At one point I wanted to take off my mittens because my hands were so warm! Definitely go with mittens over gloves.

Here’s the final product! I got home and was dripping in sweat…so it goes to show with good preparation and layering, you can conquer any temperature!


I’m so glad I went for it, I felt really good when I got back. My calf is a little tight with a little shin pain…but that’s always the case.

I may do this again tomorrow…definitely beats the treadmill!

Would you rather be too hot or too cold on a run? Hmmm……

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