Motivational Monday!

Today’s Motivational Monday shows how simple it really is. Whatever your goal or resolution is, it’s simple…JUST DO IT!

We are getting into mid-January now, closer to the time where a lot of resolutioners drop off. Don’t do it! Keep up the good work! When you don’t feel like eating healthy or going to the gym…just do it. You will feel much better, and if you don’t you will probably regret it.

Here are a few times I think will help in keeping your resolution:

  • Set small goals at first. Working out every day is a great goal, but if you’re a total beginner, you may find yourself burning out, which is why a lot of people stop going to the gym by mid-February.
  • Set measurable goals. Saying “I want to workout more” is great but how will you measure that? Take your measurements with a tape or get your body fat tested in order to have actual results and data.
  • Reward yourself…with something other than food! I found a great tip on Pinterest of putting a dollar in a jar every time you work out. Then once you hit a certain amount, treat yourself to some new workout clothes or a manicure or something.

What were your New Year resolutions? Are you keeping it up?

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