Quick and Easy Meals

Do you ever need a quick meal for breakfast, lunch or dinner? Or even a snack? Here are some ideas for you!

quickmeals1. Eggs – Eggs can be eaten for any meal. I love hard-boiled, over-easy, scrambled…you name it. You can even throw in veggies into your omelet for an even more complete meal, or throw hard boiled eggs into a salad.

2. Canned tuna over mixed greens – This is my go-to lunch I make when I’m in a rush in the mornings. I like Bumblebee’s tuna with dried tomatoes and olive oil. So good with a salad! Add in your favorite veggies and you’ll have a filling meal.

3. Chicken or turkey sausage – I buy organic, all-natural chicken sausage that is already cooked. All I have to do is microwave them for 30-40 seconds and they’re ready to go. My favorite brand is Bilinski’s, and I love their chicken sausage with spinach. You can have it alone as a snack, for breakfast, or over a salad for a full meal.

4. Green smoothie – If you know me…or read my post this morning…you know I love green smoothies! Earlier today I posted a delicious recipe, but there are literally so many combos you can make for a filling snack or meal. If the thought of drinking your vegetables weirds you out, then a simple protein shake is a great snack, or meal for breakfast or lunch. You can also add in fruit or peanut butter!

5. Ground chicken or turkey – There are so many things you can quickly make out of this. Sometimes I just sautee it all up, throw some sauce on there and put it over mixed greens. You can also make chicken meatloaf or chicken/turkey muffins which I have seen a few recipes for (will have to try one and recap it soon.

There you have it. Do you use any of these for quick meals or snacks? What are your go-to quick and easy meals?


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  1. Thanks for sharing your tips, Patty. The noble egg has been bad-mouthed far too long. It’s really one of nature’s most perfect proteins. I look forward to reading more of your posts.

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