2013 goals and resolutions!

Happy new year everyone!

It’s officially 2013…buh-bye 2012. Whether 2012 was a great year for you, or you’re just ready for a new year, today is day 1 of 365. A blank page to start the new year! I love New Year’s. It just feels like a clean slate and like there can be so many new opportunities in the new year. I’m ready to take on 2013, and have a lot of goals for myself. But, when making goals and resolutions, it’s always important to set realistic goals, and outline how you will go about achieving them. That’s key in making sure your resolutions don’t fizzle out by February. Here are my goals for the new year, fitness and non-fitness related:

  • Improve on my 5K, half-marathon and marathon times - I want to get faster all around. This year my mom and I will be doing a few half marathons and the New York City Marathon. My main goal is to take NYC with a vengeance and not suffer as much as I did the first time. How will I do this? I will follow Marc’s training plans and not skip runs. I want to run minimum 4x a week but will strive for 5-6 depending on my shin pain. I will also make an effort to cross train more.
  • Starting with just the month of January, I will try to do something fitness related every day - Doesn’t have to be much, but whether it’s running, lifting or just 20 minutes of yoga, I want to be active every day and see if I can keep this streak up in January. Depending on how it goes, I want to continue it throughout the year!
  • Be able to do 5 pull ups in a row - How will I do this? I will do pull up specific exercises every time I lift, which is hopefully 3-4x a week!
  • Graduate with my Master’s in May with a GPA no less than 3.9 - I had a 4.0 until this semester =( but I really want to keep it at 3.9 now and finish out with a bang.
  • Get a full time job I am excited about! *crossing fingers*
  • Keep a budget and track my spending - I did this for a while but stopped. I need to get back to it to make sure I am not over spending and that I’m saving enough. How will I do this? Every paycheck I will dissect down into where my money should go, and give myself a limit for money spent on shopping.
  • Eat much healthier and cleaner – How will I do this? For the past 2 weeks, I have been eating really clean, and allowing myself 1 small “cheat” per day, whether it’s a piece of chocolate, a cookie, etc. Letting myself eat 1 thing I wanted per day allowed me to not feel deprived. I will continue this, but obviously exceptions will be made for holidays or birthdays!

So those are all the goals I can think of right now…I’m sure I have more that I’m forgetting, but those are the main ones.

What are your 2013 goals and resolutions? How will you strive to achieve those goals? Good luck!!


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