This week’s grocery list + salad in a jar!

Food-wise, I am really excited for this upcoming week.

I got a crock pot, which I have wanted for a while. My mom and I found a few recipes and went grocery shopping Sunday to pick up a bunch of veggies and ingredients. Currently, we have “honey-garlic chicken” cooking in the pot. Can’t wait to get home later and see how it tastes!

Here’s what we picked up this week:

  • chicken breasts
  • celery, red peppers, carrots (for hummus dipping, and for cooking)
  • onions
  • soy sauce (for marinating chicken before using the crock pot)
  • apples
  • bananas (a must for me!)
  • strawberries (for salads and snacking)
  • mixed greens (again, I have a salad for lunch almost every day)
  • more tea
  • cherry tomatoes (snacking and for salads)
  • eggs
  • avocados
  • feta cheese (for salads)
  • almonds (for salads)
  • chickpeas, pinto beans (for cooking and I love beans in my salads)
  • organic crushed tomatoes (for cooking)

I can’t wait to try out the recipes I found, and I will definitely share them once I do!

My mom and I also decided to cut up everything we could in advance, so prep time for cooking is much less. I also decided to try to prepare my lunch salads in advance as well. I saw the idea for jarred salads on Pinterest, and I finally got around to trying it!



Top photo is my cut up fruits and veggies in the fridge, bottom is my salads!

You would think your salads would get soggy, but I had one today and it was perfect. You put the “wet” ingredients on the bottom, such as dressings (I use olive oil and balsamic), cucumbers, tomatoes, celery, etc. The middle layer is other ingredients, such as chickpeas, any fruits, etc. The top layer is the lettuce, which won’t get soggy since it’s not touching the dressing. I also put my almonds and cheese at the top. Today, I mixed it all up in the jar, poured it in my lunch container and was ready to go!

I’ll keep you posted on how the other salads end up…supposedly they can last a week.

Do you prepare your foods for the week in advance?

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  1. I need to try salads in a jar! :) they look so good!


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