Started off my week with a good SWEAT

I’m excited for this week because after 2 weeks of taking it pretty easy due to my shin problems, I feel that I can get back into the swing of things. I want to stick with my running plan and work back up slowly, so I plan on doing 13-15 miles this week. Not much, but because my shins act up easily, I need to take it easy.

Today I hit the gym with my brother for a good lifting session. It’s always fun to have a workout buddy! Here’s the workout we did, which I took from trainer Tony Gentilcore’s series on Greatist. If you ever need ideas for a lifting routine, this is a great resource, and he provides YouTube links to show you each exercise as well.

I also warmed up with 1.5 miles and cooled down with .5 miles. My legs are shot!

We finished up with some stretching and I showed my brother how to foam roll. He was in a lot of pain…but you grow to have a love/hate relationship with the foam roller! It’s actually too soft for me now, so I have to use a tennis or lacrosse ball. OUCH.

Overall, a good, sweaty workout.

“selfie” picture, as kids call it nowadays

Did you start your week off with a bang? Tell me your workout in the comments!

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  1. thanks for the link! I guess my brother is famous now =)


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