My favorite food logging app: “LoseIt!”

Logging your food intake can help you stay on track with eating clean, and also help you realize where your weaknesses may be. Actually writing down everything you eat may allow you to realize those little snacks you sneak in throughout the day actually add up. I like to track my intake with an iPhone app called LoseIt! (similar to other apps such as DailyPlate or MyFitnessPal). I love seeing how many grams of carbs, protein, sugar, fiber, etc., I get per day.

LoseIt! is so easy to use which I love. When you first open the app you will immediately be able to figure out how to use it.

This is the home screen which is called “My Day.” You can set it all up to enter your goals and it will tell you approximately how many calories you should be eating.

You can add foods based on what meal it was for, or if it was a snack. You can also log your exercise in LoseIt! as well, so you can track food and exercise all in one central place.

You can search the foods they have in their lists, and then it saves your most popular foods under “my foods” or saves whole meals (if you have a meal of multiple ingredients).

I also like that you can scan barcodes if LoseIt! doesn’t have the item you need in their inventory. I have never had an incident where I haven’t found the food, or haven’t been able to scan it. When you scan it, it automatically puts in the serving size and nutritional info (though you can change the serving size if you ate more or less).

Once you input all of your food for the day, you can go back to “My Day” and then click on “Nutrients” to be able to see your nutritional breakdown, both for the day and the week if you wish.

Lastly, like I mentioned above, you can track your exercise. They have a huge list of options and then you can get more specific in terms of time and level of exertion.

I seriously love LostIt! It’s such an easy, straightforward app. When I feel like I need to get back on track, I start putting in my foods. I generally just want to make sure I’m not getting too many grams of carbs and sugar, I’m not overly concerned about calories. If anything, it helps me see that I don’t eat enough calories some days, even though I feel like I’m eating a ton!

Do you use a health related app? What’s your favorite?

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  1. What a great app to have ; can’t go wrong because it logs all that you eat and do :)

  2. I use this religiously. Nice post!

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    Many of my readers know I love this app. Here’s a great explanation of Lose It!

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