Health/Fitness Links to Get You Through the Day

Throughout the week, I usually stumble across some pretty good links going through my Google reader, Twitter, Facebook, etc. Once a week, I’m going to share my favorite ones with you.

  • The Best Podcasts for Men – Men’s Health Some days, I’m sick of listening to my music while running, so these podcasts are a definite must-try! It says “for men” but I think anyone can listen to them (obviously). The top ones I want to listen to are NPR: Wait, Wait…Don’t Tell Me and Radiolab.
  • Top 10 Mistakes You Make on the Elliptical Trainer I love the elliptical for cross-training. But these are all good points. While any workout is a good, make sure you get the most bang for your buck when you hit the gym!
  • Finance & Fitness: Are You Being Real With Yourself? This is a post by fellow fitness blogger Cassey of Blogilates. She makes some great points in this post about why you may not be losing weight, despite working your butt off. The question she asks, which I always ask my clients is: are you eating clean?

Let me know which ones you like, don’t like, or what you would like to see more of!

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  1. Hey Patty! The finance/fitness blog article is completely right. Everyone needs to reevaluate what they’re eating, write it down and be honest about it all. You’re only ever holding yourself back.

    • Thanks for reading Kaitlin! Glad I’m not writing to an empty room :) You’re totally right… a lot of people think they are eating clean but don’t count in that “ONE” brownie or dessert they have daily. It all counts!

  2. Thanks for sharing these suggestions with us; I can get a lot from the podcasts;)

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