What I’ve been up to this weekend

It’s been a busy weekend! I had a few things planned, but still got in some good workouts.

Since Friday was my off day, my mom and I ran 4 miles on Thursday, and then hit the gym for an awesome lifting session. After the run we were so close to not going to the gym because we were already tired…but I convinced her to go!

My legs were STILL sore from lifting on Monday, which I guess is expected when you don’t lift for a few weeks.

On Saturday, we went to a bridal shower. I meant to wake up and run but I am definitely not a morning person, so that just did not happen. We got back around 7 pm so I decided to go for a short, 3.5 mile run. I did not regret that at all! The weather was perfect, and I felt really good. I ran it in an average pace of 9:50 minute per mile, which rarely happens for me in training runs.

I gotta say…my town is a really good “running town.” Very scenic :)

Today was just a day to relax, nap, and get homework done. I’ll be back in action tomorrow with some lifting on the schedule. Tuesday is my second running class that I am an assistant coach for! I believe we are doing 3-5 miles. I love that I can help motivate others to run, and it forces me to get a run in regardless of how I’m feeling that day ;)

How were your weekend workouts? Do you find it easier to get workouts in on the weekends, or harder?

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