Race Recap: NYRR Back to Football 4 Miler

The Back to Football Run was a late addition to the NYRR race lineup, but I’m glad they added it!

Last Thursday, my mom and I ventured to Central Park for this race, and were just hoping not to have a debacle like what occurred in our Harlem 5K race (for those who didn’t read that post on my tumblr, I’ll be recapping it in another post coming soon). We left early in order to factor in traffic since the race was at 7:30 p.m. Good thing we did because 1) there was a ton of traffic and 2) we got lost. We’ve driven to Central Park a decent amount now, but we still don’t know how to get there!

The Bandshell by Bethesda Terrace…my favorite park of Central Park

It was a good night for a race. I always feel better during night races. Registration was in person only, so we got there and took care of that. Well…my mom did, while I snapped some pictures of the Super Bowl trophy!

Go Giants!

My brother and sister were with us too so they served as our photographers. Once we finished registering we met up with them and headed to the corrals.

Waiting to start

I think Amani Toomer spoke for a bit? He also ran. Boomer and Carton from WFAN were there as well and were the announcers getting the crowd pumped as we ran through.

It was an awesome atmosphere with everyone wearing their team’s jerseys. I wore my Giants shirt I got from the NYG 5K I ran during the summer. Go Giants!

We ran this at an easy pace, we weren’t really trying to race it or anything. However, compared to other 4 mile races on this same course, we both agreed we felt a lot better this time around! We felt strong throughout the whole race. The first 3 miles are pretty much up and down and up and down through Central Park. The last mile is all downhill which is awesome. After those hills, your legs need a break!

Anyway, we cruised through that last mile in 8:30! We finished in 37:40 with an average pace of 9:22, which I’m proud of.

Sprinting to the finish!

Blurry…but my mom and I crossing the finish :)

I really do love NYRR races. I’ve read plenty of negative reviews about them but I think for the most part they are pretty well run and I love the atmosphere and energy during races. Running with literally thousands of people makes it a lot easier to get through the race. You feed off of that energy and before you know it, the race it over!

Me, my brother behind us, and my mom post-race (right before our walk to the car where a huge rat ran right in front of me…oh NYC…)

Have you ran any NYRR races or are you doing their 9+1 program for the 2013 New York City Marathon??

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  1. I volunteered for this race! I’m sorry I didn’t know you were running- I would have cheered you on! It was the perfect night for a run. Great job with your pace!

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